Make Your New Place Move-In Ready

Make Your New Place Move-In Ready

Choose us for construction cleanup services in Augusta, ME

Do you need post-construction cleanup in Augusta, ME? Hire the trusted professionals at R.A.M Window Cleaning and Property Maintenance, LLC. We can handle residential and commercial cleanups of any size.

Cleaning up at after a construction project can take some time. Don’t wait longer than necessary to move into your new home or business. Contact us ASAP to schedule construction cleanup in Augusta, Maine.

We’ll clean your property in three easy steps

R.A.M Window Cleaning and Property Maintenance provides a three-phase construction cleanup process in Augusta, ME. When we visit your property, we’ll perform a:

  1. Rough clean—We’ll wipe down all woodwork, walls and ceiling fixtures. Then, we’ll sweep, vacuum and mop your floors. Our team will also remove stickers and clean your windows.
  2. Final clean—We’ll wipe the interior and exterior of all surfaces, including the cabinetry, countertops, sills and appliances. Then, we’ll sweep and mop again.
  3. Touch-up clean—We’ll wipe down everything one last time until your space is completely clean.

Trust us to keep your interior neat and tidy. Call us today to learn more about our cleaning process.